Want a hug……

1 03 2013

OK – if you need something to lift your spirits just watch this over and over again. I’m in a business supplying many restaurants, institutions, hotels, etc., and can say with confidence that if they “got it” like Tim Harris – son, brother, restauranteur/business owner, Special Olympic athlete – well, there would be way less doors closing in the business. What an inspiration! Wish I were more like him. Can’t wait to give this guy a hug one day. Stay in His wakes!

Faith in Humanity………

27 02 2013


Wow – what a pause in between posts – it’s certainly not on purpose nor for lack of anything happening in (my) life.  “Faith in Humanity” is not necessarily a phrase in my vocabulary although it has become so recently.  Our workplace had some cancer needing cleansing – it came to our attention that in our midst was an elaborate theft operation within a specific ethnic community relative to our staff make up.  People we’ve trusted for years – many with us over 20 years…….in total over 150 years of service that was “cleansed” from our operation.  Internal investigation…..police investigation….staff meetings…..cancelling staff order benefit programs temporarily……..and all amidst a corporate culture that I can comfortably say fits into our family concept of “radical generosity” on so many work-related/employer levels.  It made our executive team and so many other good people question humanity.  I’ll be honest, a piece of my faith in humanity was stripped away.  I’m a realistic business owner – for me to believe that not one of some 200+ staff isn’t stealing from us would be naive.  But the numbers involved in this realization collectively was not on our ownership radar.  Infusing my Christian faith and WWJD in such a situation was difficult – forgiveness needs to be a part of the healing process and I’m thankful that I can prayerfully turn to Christ for His guidance.  And then so many God honouring realities in this world come to my attention through multiple sources.  I’ve posted some of them below so that my faith in humanity is QUICKLY restored.  Stay in His wakes!


(Click on the above link and tell me this young man didn’t inspire you!?)


(at times when I question our involvement in what might be meaningless sports – this was a reminder to stay involved and honour God!)


10 12 2012

…..we all have regrets in life I suppose.  I regret not doing more with my life even to this day.  I regret that days go by that I don’t lift up the Almighty and give more attention to Jesus as I walk through a day.  I regret what I eat sometimes.  I regret when my tone of voice may not be the way it should be in bringing up our children, or the way I might speak to my lovely wife at times.  We all fall short.  I watched a short film clip on www.ignitermedia.com that came to my attention today through someone else’s much more famous blog….ha, lol – as if mine is famous some how!………..but it reminded me of another regret in my life – probably all to familiar to many a teenager growing up in a house of many privileges – giving up piano lessons.  Now I did use some of that musical knowledge and played the saxophone (tenor and baritone, no little alto sax!) up to grade 12 of highschool, and then took up the highland piano and remain a very amateur piper to this day – but giving up the piano was a mistake.  My own boys have talent from my wife’s side of the family as excellent piano players, but I’m afraid they, too, show little interest in doing anything with piano beyond what we make them do.  We definitely have more hope for the girls!  It’s easy to think back with regret, but the promise of Christ is that we’re forgiven when we repent of our sins – there should never be any regret in such truth.  Enjoy the clip.  Stay in His Wakes!

Desiring God……..

22 11 2012

….Ummm, not much point in commenting with my words………enjoy, I sure did………Stay in His Wakes!

Wow – way to long in between posts……

21 11 2012

Amazing, I’m still a blessed man!  It’s been so long since being on wordpress I forgot my password and didn’t recognize the log in page.  I’ve found new ways of journaling which has probably taken me away from this format but they are all worthwhile.  All around us seems to be the good of Christ, yet the evil of the enemy too……….working at exploding up marriages, and most of all trying to take one’s focus away from Christ.  Pictures often tell a thousand words – I like to think our family of 7 is pretty much perfect but we have a teenager with raging hormones, home school issues, sibling issues, time issues, “I’m too busy” issues, girls with raging hormones that aren’t even in hormone land yet, disgruntled siblings with this or that – but we’re all healthy, we have little debt, the family business continues to be successful – and although we aren’t perfect, we have a marriage that is grounded and centred in Christ.  We just don’t seem to take near enough time for His glory.  Our “radical generosity” endeavours are rolling along as we do things quietly under His care and will – it is amazing the opportunities we have to bless others and sit back and enjoy such moments – oh how that must mirror the joy Christ takes when we are truly in His will and plan.  Oh, to have a perfect roadmap of how not to fall into the traps of our sinful natures.  I recently had what seems to be quite the health episode (think I passed a kidney stone eventually) – that certainly kicked me back a step or two.  One perfect blessing I suppose as I rear young boys – watching the grin on my youngest sons face as he was rewarded as Assistant/Alternate captain of his hockey team – sometimes kids just deserve such outward recognition (don’t get me wrong, I realize it means nothing in the heavenly realms!) and mine really did.  Nice to post again.  Stay in His wakes!

When you see something you haven’t seen before…….

4 09 2012

Our 11 year old, sweet hearted giant of a boy, not yet quite a man, he is.  Recently he (or I should say we!) went through hockey tryouts for a new team added to his age group for development purposes.  I’ve journaled before on some hockey endeavours, and this was no different for a dad – you want your kids to be accepted no matter what – and it’s a tough process you try and go along side your kids with whatever the activity.  What I want most is to cozzy up along side our kids help shepherd them into Christian maturity and acceptance of Christ as their Saviour.  Each tryout you get “the envelope” that either says you’re accepted to the next stage………or not.  For this young man, final tryout came and we walked out to the car to open “the envelope” – I think I’m usually more in antipation than my boys for reasons I just mentioned plus you don’t want to see the look on their face if they are rejected.  He likes to open his own and he did.  As I saw the first sentence or two the formality of it made my heart stop and I waited for the tears………..but alas…..acceptance – you’re on the team!  What I didn’t anticipate was a smile on my sons face that I’d never experienced – a smile and gift from God it appeared – it was something I hadn’t seen before on my childs face.  I reminded him that somewhere there was a skater that didn’t feel his joy.  To you, little, big man, I wish you safety and a good season of learning, development and fun – we will cheer you on.  You deserved this acceptance and we are thrilled for you – congratulations!  Stay in His wakes!

“the” wave…..

24 08 2012

No, not the Blue Jays or sports venue wave, but the “boat wave” – while on vacation at the cottage we boat often on the Kawartha Lakes of Ontario.  Beautiful surroundings, lovely water, nature, sort of, the way God intended it (the far North is more like it but that’s a post for another time)……………and lots of boaters.  All my life I’ve been cottage boating – it’s like second nature being on the water for me.  And all my life, no matter what lake, I’ve always participated in and witnessed the friendly “boat wave”.  But my wife and I got to thinking, so why in the world is it that everyone seems to get in a boat and all of a sudden they’re your friendly neighbour on the water way(s).  We don’t bolt down the 401 or 407 express highways waving at the car next to us, “hey, just giving you a friendly wave as I pass you….hope your having a great day!”  There’s no doubt it feels good and everyone’s being nice – but why not elsewhere – even walking down the hallway at work or school, through the mall…..not every cyclist waves to a fellow cyclist on the road.  Why the boat thing?  Well, it’s something to think about and learn from………I am.  Stay in His wakes!

Perhaps a bit early but………..we don’t care……

23 07 2012

So, I commissioned my brother-in-law’s giving girlfriend and her graphic design expertise to help us with a logo and design for “radical generosity”………….generosity of her own in time.  We think we are almost complete after a few rounds of “like this, like that”.  My brother in Christ and mentor shared the following words when I asked for his opinion on the logo……….”attempt great things for God, expect great things from God”.  Wise words from a wise man.  Radical generosity……….breath it, live it……..Stay in His wakes!


I’m Farming and I Grow it…………….

27 06 2012

Well, I’m no LMFAO fan at all but one hears their lyrics constantly in the world – I’m more partial to these cowboys lyrics and supporting the agriculture business.  Enjoy and stay in His wakes!

Sin support………

30 05 2012


“Who Am I” in this journal blog references me as the worst sinner I know – words of another that I found befitting.  As I look at myself, my sin, and who I need to be an example for in my life – my wife, my sons, my daughters, my Christian brothers and sisters, my parents, my co-workers, my friends…….I realize I fail often.  As a businessman, I need to keep my honesty and integrity in check and treat others as I would want to be treated – that’s not always easy.  As a father, are my actions those that I wish to instill in my children as the sponges they often are.  Am I who I say I am?  I think so, although failure is close around the corner.  All around us today are pressures and temptations.  How do I navigate through troubled waters………..keeping my eyes on the prize………ultimately that Christ died on the cross to bear the pain for my sins……….and keeping my eyes on my wife, having brothers to put their hand on my shoulder in support, going through a day honouring Him as best I can, and looking at the 5 pairs of eyes that look back at me each and every day and asking myself if my actions are what I would want for my children.  I think of so many men these days that seem to find refuge in the fantasy of pornography and wonder whether they realize that someone’s daughter or son is who they are watching.  I hear of men who cheat on their wives and seem to find some form of excuse why they ended up in such a situation rather than just taking responsibility for their actions.  If you don’t have a mentor or someone to be accountable to – find one quick.  A non-judgemental person in your life can make all the difference – it does in mine.  Watch less TV and snuggle with your loved ones – TV used to be (sometimes still is with a hockey game on!) an excuse to zone out – read something worthwhile instead.  Get into bed with your wife rather than a late night go-around with some pretty awful stuff that is found on TV, or worse, the internet.  Set rules and boundaries on media in your home – this isn’t easy and we are continually trying to find the perfect approach.  Any advice is welcome!  Stay in His wakes!