9 06 2010




At our church there are a multitude of ways of connecting.  Fellowship lunches, corporate prayer, inviting brothers and sisters over for lunch, etc., etc.  One very purposeful way my wife and I have learned our church connects is through “Fighter Verses”.  Planned in advance, listed on the bulletin each Sunday and on the website for all to “connect” with is part of the strategy.  Our own children are learning to connect in this way…..if the truth be known, they’re better at it than I am.  Lord, help me to memorize your words through these “Fighter Verses”…..give me the gift of memorization so I can fellowship and connect with those around me.  Psalm 32:7 reads “You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance”.  But what does this have to do with the image above – well, lots from what I can see!  Connecting with my wife is critical to the “space” I live in daily.  When I am not connecting with her (as we often pass in the night it seems) there is a great void – one perhaps you as a spouse can relate to.  That void usually exists when we are not connecting spiritually.  I’m a brutal leader in this regard at times – my wife can attest, trust me.  But I must fight as He is a hiding place for me and us as a couple, He will preserve me from trouble and we can rejoice knowing this.  I relate “connecting” with being “surrounded” whether at home, work, or as a church.  These days, all around me I am surrounded by great people, loved ones, and friends.  This is something I reflect on today.  Stay in His wakes!  





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10 06 2010

There is nothing better than connecting with you, blog on babe

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