10 06 2010

Peter Drucker said “what gets measured gets done”.  At our business we have a daily dashboard distributed via email to the twenty or so leaders in our company that can directly and daily impact the results we measure.  We have a little fun wtih it….a nice Ferrari dashboard in the background….yeah, dream on – this is the meat business!  Years ago our board of advisors, a collection of sixty something extremely bright men with a variety of experience in business, suggested the “dashboard” as a way to daily keep in tune with sales, margins, inventory, receivables, bank loan, and results vs. the same time last year.  An invaluable daily snap shot of yesterday’s results – an accountability tool we need to be aware of daily.  But “dashboard’s” aren’t just for business.  How am I measuring my performance as a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, or a son?  I need to measure myself (not necessarily compete – which trust me, those that know me would think competing is EXACTLY what I would be doing in measuring myself) with other’s that have similar values, goals, and dreams.  Iron sharpens iron, Christian brothers sharpen one another and need one another, in business I need to connect with those that understand the pressures at play in our particular business environment……those endeavours aren’t always easy.  My “dashboard” of life needs to include getting done that which has been laid out by Christ dying for my sins and it needs to include how I am doing as a business leader and leader of our home.  As I pass through the waters these days I have never enjoyed more the challenges that come from that which gets measured, whether friendship, daily business results (be them good or bad), and being a father of children with different daily needs.  Trying….to stay in His wakes!

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