Father and Son, something special?

11 06 2010

Well, pretty easy question to answer and today I was reminded of the special bond of not just a father and son, but that bond with any child of mine.  You see, it’s my eldest’s sons birthday in a week but because we are moving he had some birthday goings on today (my wife has taken care of this part of their childhood unselfishly year after year!).  Regular “almost 11” year old stuff – snakes, geckos, food, and fun.  I dropped by the mall where this small group of boys was being treated to lunch just to say, “hey son, I care about seeing you” – given the location was close to work helped indeed!  As I started writing this I recalled one of the most inspiring father/son experiences I have witnessed, albeit from a short video to the music “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me.  Actually, if you google “I can only imagine” the video of Dick and Rick Hoyt comes up and take 5 minutes of your life to watch it.  No need for me to tell of their story, I’ll let you research that for yourself if you are reading this.   Being a father IS really something special!  It’s God ordained, He planned it for me long ago when he drafted my blueprint for life.  Only He knows I have an internal mechanism of protection and adrenaline when any child of mine is at risk.  Dick Hoyt, from a sheer accomplishment standpoint, is Superfather!  I don’t think I can compete with his achievements.  But just as his son, Rick, looks to his father for all, my hope is just the same.  When he looks in my eyes or witnesses my strength, my wish is for him to know he is something special and that I will sacrifice and fight for our relationship.  Last night I was so very proud to hear the message my boys heard at a conference they attended with their Mom – in short, don’t waste your life, don’t waste your time, on things not focused on Christ.  Knowing my 9 and 11 year olds heard such a message outside of the home certainly made my day something special.  Stay in His Wakes!





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