The Thrill of Ghana!

14 06 2010

I am connected to Ghana!  Although it be through my adopted niece and nephew (pictured below) I indeed feel connected to them and their place of birth.  And how fitting that I write about them after watching the people of Ghana on the news celebrate their 2010 World Cup victory yesterday.  Waving flags, bragging about their team, dancing in the streets, and songs of victory.  But my brother and sister-in-law’s victory is in the smiles of these two adorable children.  God is sooooo very good!  The story of their arrival to the U.S. is one that could only have been scripted by God.  When I am in their presence, my eyes are locked on them.  Perhaps I am fascinated with what they have already experienced in their short life or perhaps it is just a sense of love that my wife and I have for them as family.   Similarly, my work place is a melting pot of some 33 countries of origin – one from Ghana as well!  The World Cup puts these countries of origin at odds every 4 years – it’s interesting to see the pride individuals have – flags on cars, World Cup game jersey’s being worn, and the jabs on the production floor of expected and impending victory.  One definitely knows who’s winning or losing during these two weeks of action.  The thrill of victory and agony of defeat is temporary, though, as post action, those with different cultural backgrounds put their soccer (or is it football!?) differences aside and focus on servicing our customers.  Don’t get me wrong, our workplace is far from perfect.  Not everyone gets along all the time – a sign and remembrance of our sin as human beings.  Back to Ghana – some might ask why God put two small children in an orghanage separated from their birth parents and why Ghana is a nation stricken by Aids?  It’s His plan, and frankly, who are we to question given our ability to continually sin.  Canada has its own cultural issues just the same.  What I know today is that I’m a better person for experiencing my new niece and nephew and I’m a better person by being surrounded by people of different cultural backgrounds and experiences at work.  Stay in His wakes!




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