How we role!!

16 06 2010

Distraction day…..or 1/2 day for me and the boys.  On this day, we did a 1/2 day dirt biking course being the rookies that we are before picking up the keys for our new home.  It was time with my boys, unfortunately time away from all my gals, but part of a journey we’ve talked about for a couple of years.  My brother-in-law is the cause of us getting the dirt-bike bug and ever since the introduction, the boys and I have shown keen interest.  It was also a distraction while we waited for our home closing to occur during the day, but I’ll blog about this next time.  Dirt biking is a blast and we intend on dirt biking at our new place.   But more than anything it is a means to congregate with my boys, enjoy the outdoors, and teach them things together…..I say together as I know nothing of caring for dirt bikes and things with 110cc’s that wine and scream!  We will do it TOGETHER.  I want to “role” with my boys in life.  I want them to look back on their father as I do mine in the things I grew up with.  I have had the luxury of being in business with my father (and brother) which has different challenges and blessings all in one – times I know I will look back on and wonder how the years went by so quickly.  This was a morning to remember – the boys both had minor “crashes” but came out better for it.  They put me in the kids group – not sure if that was good or bad but it is right where I wanted to be….rolling with my boys.  Stay in His wakes!




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