We’re in!

18 06 2010

As mentioned in my last post, our family is/was/has moved.  June 17th was the official start of new adventures in our family.  A blessed home and property is ours for mysterious reasons.  I find them mysterious as I question, “why us?”  I simply can’t answer.  On the day of closing, the 15th, upon driving to the property with key in hand, we gathered at the fire pit (I still can’t get over that we have a fire pit!) and I became surprisingly emotional.  With bible in hand, I shared our vision and dreams with our family.  We prayed and thanked God for prior generations that played a part in providing us this opportunity.  A generation that fought for our freedom as Canadians during World War II, and a more recent generation that in my case, fostered growing a business that has provided financial stability in many ways that I personally never dreamed of.  We prayed over the property, our home, and each room.  We prayed for safety for our children and our future days, months, and years at what is truly a wonderful piece of property.  Our four children sat during prayer in silence – this isn’t always the case!  In such famous words, “I have a dream…”, well my wife and I have a dream for our family in which glorifying His name through our home is paramount.  We need to figure out how to accomplish that, stay close to our family and friends, and raise our children in the gospel and following Christ.  Lord knows, we have lots to take care for and love (some stuff we won’t love so much!) at our new home – give us patience and wisdom as we do so.  Stay in His wakes!

P.S.  I love you buddy on this your 11th birthday!  Can’t wait to see you.




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1 07 2010

Congrats Duncan! I’m loving your blog posts–very authentic and inspirational—thank you. I look forward to visiting your new home, Lord willing, in 2011.

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