Be afraid!

22 06 2010

My brother forwarded this video to me recently.  I watched it and wasn’t totally shocked but was indeed afraid.  But what  I asked myself further was whether I smile in the face of someone who doesn’t follow my Father yet curse them in my heart.  I sincerely hope I don’t as this is not what I believe our Father expects of us through the blood of his Son, Christ.  But I would be lying if I didn’t journal that I sin in this regard.  I remember years ago, calling a taxi to pick up a vehicle that I needed at work (can’t remember why I did this….).  I was picked up by who I would consider to be a Muslim and driven to my destination, but along the way, this individual literally blasted “his” music in a way I can’t believe I actually tolerated while sitting in the back seat.  I was tired and just wanted to get to where I needed to get to.  I certainly remember cursing the cab driver in my heart and paying him to the penny what I owed and not a penny more, slamming the door in my exit to get through what I felt was a much-needed point.  I do judge, I can’t deny it.  I wish I didn’t.  Where I live, there are many Muslim mosques being erected and/or in place.  Recently it was announced the first Muslim art gallery would be built here in Ontario – quite a large one.  Interesting……frightening?….for me, yes……but how is MY heart?  That’s what I need to focus on.  Stay in His wakes!




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