Say it’s not so!?

23 06 2010

As a rookie blogger/journal writer I am attempting to be somewhat careful as to what I “print” and hopefully the fact that not too many at this point care much about what I have to say allows me to comment on this subject that came my way through a co-worker.  Let me say up front that what little information I have comes from a 26 year veteran of the Canadian forces so I consider the source pretty credible.  Apparently the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union) has a say in our country (Canada) and is petitioning/filing suit that all military cross-shaped headstones be removed in addition to another suit to end prayer in the military altogether.  According to this source, Canadian Navy chaplains can no longer mention Jesus name in prayer due to the ACLU and the current new Canadian military administration.  Now, I’m not sure why the ACLU would have ANY pull in Canada but I know little of this organization.  I took a minute to google the topic and it comes up quickly with rebuttals to the suggestion but I would take this gentleman’s word that serves our country over anything that comes up on the internet given he’s on the “frontline” so to speak.  And the fact that he signed the note to his sister “Sincerely, your military pride filled, Jesus loving, family devoted brother”, is more than enough evidence to his heart than I need as to his credibility.  I have a DEEP appreciation for those in service for Canada and often get extremely emotional when I think of my own grandfather being shipped overseas, Lord willing, just at the end of the war so he returned safe to his wife and only child (my Mom) and the pain and hurt I’ve witnessed in my wife’s grandfather who spent years on the front lines as a tank mechanic.  I well up regularly seeing our soldiers who have died in service.  I can hear the hurt in this man’s words that the above is but even suggested.  But I can only offer encouragement – no one, that means, no one – can hold back our love for Christ.  “Man” may take our freedoms away in some regards, but he can’t take away our hearts for God.  There are countless stories of missionaries who died and are imprisoned for following Him and at day’s end we are not in control.  I’m learning this daily at home, work, and in my Christian walk.  Does the suggestion that our military and others may lose their “voice” concern me?  Absolutely – it’s VERY disheartening – and my hope is that God would thump the enemy in this regard.  To my co-workers bro should he read this – you have my prayers and support – stay strong!  And thank you, brother,  for serving our country so faithfully for so long.  Stay in His wakes!




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