Priceless….this year more than any perhaps!

28 06 2010

So in 48 hrs. I will be airborne for Pickle Lake International Airport….barbershop, general store, and local hangout!  Well, if you know Northern Ontario, you’ll get the previous description.  This will be my 5th trip to “The Old Post” in Northern Ontario.  If you like Northern Pike and Walleye fishing, it frankly doesn’t get much better in the world in terms of volume of fish one can catch and consume all in a days work.  For me, it’s priceless.  I’ve been on excellent “Old Post” trips in the past, and as much as the fishing and eating is phenomenal, the time with friends has always far outweighed the fishing in many aspects.  The first two years it was just the three work amigo’s (picture below is of one of them clearly beaming with delight with his nephew, our guide).  The last two years the group has mixed up a bit.  This year the highlight for me will be having my father along with us and my 11-year-old son.  Three generations of our family together!  My Dad (Papa to our kids) isn’t a fisherman at all but he accepted the invitation in this his last year officially in business, ie. he’s retiring.  I wouldn’t have thought of bringing my oldest son, but for the opportunity for these three generations being together.  My hope is to “corner” the oldest generation, ask questions, learn more of him, and have him know his importance in my life as a father more than anything, but also as a Papa, business partner, and mentor.  The plan is to make priceless memories……but one can’t plan these things.  What I need to trust is that the Lord has a plan for the Old Post 2010 trip of ours and I trust He will provide those opportunities to show my father grace and love.  This isn’t my Dad’s thing, frankly, but he’s set for the adventure and I’m thrilled at the opportunity.  Having young son along….well that’s more than a bonus – we too, will have father/son special moments of our own.  Being on the water fishing for 4 days…..we will stay in His wakes!




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