Hit when I least expect it!

5 07 2010

There are moments in life when I just don’t expect what’s coming.  Last night was an emotional surprise.  In the next day or so I will write about our recent “three generation” fishing trip but I’m waiting for pictures to do the journaling justice.  I digress….on with the emotional surprise – as I left the cottage for home alone after dropping off my eldest son and taking a few hours to enjoy my family (there just isn’t enough time some days!), I got in the car and slowly drove away while my “boobear” (that’s her nickname) ran beside me waiving all the while.  At that very moment, like lightning striking unexpectedly, tears formed as I saw her love for me.  It was hard to leave….especially at that moment.  I recently read a blog someone wrote on love that I appreciated and although parenting is often challenging, that love piece drops in on me so unexpectedly at times.  It reminded me of the love that Christ has for me unconditionally….flaws and all.  At that moment in time with my daughter, she was flawless in my eyes – love concurred all and I found myself concurred by the look in her eyes at that very moment.  We have the same colour eyes, me and “boobear” – a special bond, so to speak, that we share – she believes it’s a special bond with her daddy and I won’t argue with that.  Love your children as Christ loves you – lift them up in His unconditional care and be surprised.  Stay in His wakes!





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