Indeed priceless……..

7 07 2010

Three generations travelled together and slayed the “gators”!  This picture tell’s a thousand words with other feelings and emotions as well.  This is my Dad’s last official year in the family business before retirement and this trip was a way to connect as three generations.  He’s had a glorious business career as the entrepreneur of our family business.  A risk taker at heart, he’s travelled the roller coaster of family business through tough times and successful years.  Many in business don’t realize he’s a quiet soul at heart due to his often outgoing nature at work and in social settings.  But our family knows the reflective, quiet, God honouring man that he is with honesty, integrity, and a hard work ethic at the core of his being.  I can only wish for as glorious a long career in what is a tough business.  As the saying goes, “the cream rises to the top” and our business values are a reflection of the first generation butcher (my Papa) and my father in the second generation of our family that ran this business amidst competitive cheaters that to this day seem to fill their pockets at the expense of others.  My brother and I are attempting to honour and run our family business in the tradition of the values passed down from these first two generations of our family in business.  May this business be blessed by Him is a daily prayer of mine.  Back to the fishing……..I saw glimpses of my son becoming a man at eleven years of age – those moments will be treasured by me as a father.  My father is anything but a fisherman but he caught more big one’s than I and some of his reactions were pretty priceless.  He was a trooper as always on this trip.  My son was the master of the big fish amidst of group of six travellers and those who travelled with us were gracious in having my son tag along – thank you to them.  When you blend the history of The Old Post (our destination for fishing), the history of the north, and the history of our own family together as three generations, that experience was indeed priceless!  Stay in His wakes!




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