The kid who can’t stop running….

8 07 2010

This may be an old story to many, but it is a new one to me.  Since moving, our family has had little time for TV, especially given we didn’t have access to cable/satellite these past few weeks.  But last night, after some hard work outside in the Canadian summer heat and humidity, I sat down and turned on a CBC show which I believe was a re-run.  A story “ran” on a child named Budhia Singh – quite the world-famous child I would learn.  His story is one of being the youngest endurance runner in the world.  The picture below is from a number of years ago (one can certainly google his name to find out more) while this 4-year-old, yes, 4 years of age, went on what was supposed to be a 70+ km run without stopping.  He did make it to 70 km but fell short of his goal from exhaustion………… kidding, really!?  I can’t believe he went this far given his “father” teased him with water and believed it would hinder his success in reaching his goal if Budhia drank water during the run.  I felt sick to my stomach watching adults of a nation line the streets and exploit a child like was shown.  I may not know the whole story but usually news video (even from the CBC) doesn’t lie.  Post “race” the man who adopted him was arrested for child exploitation but I didn’t look further into the outcome of that arrest.  This child was vomiting water post run due to severe exhaustion while grown men pulled and grabbed at him (lead by his father) to move on for interviews.  During one late night interview Budhia falls asleep on set.  What in the world is wrong with people this day in age is the question that comes to mind?  By youngest daughter just turned three years of age and I can’t imagine her one year later running down our driveway without stopping let alone kilometre after kilometre with no water.  Speechless…….Stay in His wakes!




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