Top 10 memories for today…..

9 07 2010

In no particular order:

1)  My grandfather, Papa as I knew him, handing out $20 bills and a kitkat bar at Sunday family dinner.  Delivered with his brawny butcher hand slap to my cheek – hopefully I never showed him how much it hurt.  Plus the smell of roast beef cooking in their apartment.

2)  My grandfather, Grandpa as I knew him, and the smell of his cigarettes – “Players” and “Craven A” that I can identify immediately to this day should someone be smoking that brand near me.  His second-hand smoke and the strong scent of percolated coffee early in the morning at our cottage would waft under the crack in the bedroom door.

3)  The births of each of my children – a different story for each usually followed by tears with my beautiful wife.

4)  Purchasing our first home – of which we could not without the financial help of the legacy of finances from my parents and grandparents.  Hopefully we will be able to do the same.  I count on it.

5)  Ski racing at Horseshoe Valley – a real passion in which I often couldn’t wait to tackle the slopes on my own on Friday night upon arriving……of course not realizing the sacrifice of time my parents put into providing this opportunity.

6)  Three summers on staff at Muskoka Woods Sports Resort laying, much to my naivety, the foundation of my Christian faith.

7)  Playing driveway hockey at my folks present house in which they reside.  Tennis ball marks all over their white garage doors and flying a shot into my bedroom window……smash…..don’t ask how it got that high…..never been much of a Gretzky!

8)  “Boat exam” time with my Dad.  I wasn’t allowed to drive the “big boat” on my own until passing with an A+.  Funny how that took a while…..I get that now being a father.

9)  Meeting my future wife for the first time in 1990 – I don’t remember the exact actual moment but I do vaguely remember being in the Muskoka Woods parking lot/drive and thinking…….WOW!

10)  Our wedding day………….some things can’t be written!

Stay in His wakes!




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