A day at a time or…..

12 07 2010

I was reflecting last night going to bed (couldn’t sleep for whatever reason) whether or not God sees things one day at a time or more completely bigger picture like.  I’m guessing the latter.  I’m wishy-washy in this sense.  Some days living for today, what can get accomplished, what actually did get accomplished, and other days, thinking about the plan for our family, business, and what the future holds.  When one observes what God has engineered in our midst perhaps he doesn’t “think” a day at a time or even cares about the concept of time.  He has engineered the universe, the earth revolving on its axis, etc., etc., so what does the minute, hour, daylight, or evening in our world mean to Him?  Well, ultimately it probably means everything to Him.  He created it for us sinners to enjoy.  I’m sure he is disappointed at times with how we treat what he has created but also delights much in how we live in our surroundings.  I know I feel overwhelmingly blessed by the surroundings of our home and the nature we can observe daily.  Monster trees, curious wildlife, crazy nightly sounds…….very thankful this day for every minute, hour, and day I have guided by Him.  Stay in His wakes!




One response

14 07 2010

Hey Duncan, very cool blog. I just found the little slip of paper on which Sandee had written your blog address! I’ll definitely have to show Terry… he’ll love it.
Keep writing from your heart!

Heather (of the Vanderkruk team in parallel life to the Macs!… we used to say this until number 5… hmmm… what does that mean for US?)

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