Our hungry planet……

14 07 2010

Was recently on an industry blog in which it linked to this You Tube video, “One Hungry Planet”.  I’m not endorsing or selling anything here….after all, this blog is about me journaling what comes up that I feel the need to write about.  I’m in the food business, more specifically the beef business (down the chain a little from the grower and rancher) and nothing drives me more crazy than die-hard vegans or vegetarians tooting their horn about how bad…..basically the world is.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally get why some people don’t eat meat for health reasons in which they react to eating meat and the like, but what gets me going is that without the agriculture business, specifically beef, I don’t believe many of these die-hards get how connected it is to the world economy in general.  From oil prices, to corn crops (ethanol), to clothing, and more, the beef business from pasture to plate is intertwined in our world economy in ways most (including me) can’t fully appreciate.  Hard working family’s working in some cases, for futile returns, are committed to feeding the planet and I’m thankful for their existence.  I liken it to individuals in this world that can support same-sex relations in any way, shape, or form yet they don’t think past themselves that without the way God intended us to be in relationship, they simply wouldn’t even exist if the world was the way they would like it to be.  Being in the business I am in, I have people often ask me about organic this, and natural that, and how bad antibiotics are, etc., etc.  If the enquiry warrants the response, I usually say, “well, think of your child being sick – would you not give them something to help if available”.  We live in a world in which technology is moving at light speeds and adjustments are often normal and necessary for us to live on this planet.  The agriculture business, as I often learn, is continually improving day by day its endeavour to deliver safe food to our homes – and don’t even get me started on the hundreds of thousands of dollars our food business expenses on issues demanded by our government when the common flu unfortunately is the cause of more deaths.  I can tell you this, if each one of us on this planet relied on food the way some like to talk about it, we would all be starving!  I wish North America wasn’t so wasteful – I’m no better in this regard most often – but we have trouble adjusting to living in a society of plenty.  Interesting and good video in my opinion – for what it’s worth.  Stay in His wakes!




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