Visit by a brother…..

15 07 2010

At work we try to take some time out from work with our staff throughout the summer with scheduled BBQ’s.  It’s usually a good time to mingle and joke around with our staff.  They seem to enjoy the efforts.  Yesterday was a super hot day and up rolls this EMS vehicle (not a good vehicle to roll up to a meat plant with as the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is “who got hurt”)…..but it was a nice surprise to have a brother from GFCTO on duty drop in and say hi!  We fed him while he ignored what emergency calls might be coming into his vehicle and he was his usual gracious God honouring self while meeting a few people from my work place.  Great surprise to the day!  On a business note, though, we care deeply for the staff at our family business.  “Work Safely” is a Core Value of the business and we take it seriously – it’s not just writing on the wall.  Dear Father, may you keep our staff safe from harm and injury while on the job and at home…………..may we never see an ambulatory vehicle at our sites but if it is one with my brother in Christ in it again, come on in!  Stay in His wakes!




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