Call to me and I will answer you……

16 07 2010

My wife’s 5+ year old cell phone recently fell apart….yes, she had a cell phone that long and it wasn’t one of those huge one’s that we witnessed in 1989!  So now she is connected via world domination (or at least Cambridge, Ontario) company, RIM, and her new blackberry.  I definitely don’t want an email relationship with my wife but it is good to connect when we are apart at times.  She sent me the following verse yesterday via email, Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known”.  How true in our Christian walk is this – I often find when I’m living on that island of control I think I might reside on, my senses usually come back to the fact that life can’t be lived without Christ answering my calls.  He does reveal great and hidden things that I haven’t known and often they aren’t what I really want to hear.  No one ever said to me being a follower of Christ would be easy.  I often say when it comes to friendship, “I don’t have time for the friends I already have”, and I can share it’s often frustrating when I call a friend and they don’t answer the call…..or return it.  Yes, we are all caught up in the busyness of our lives – we all make choices – I’m praying today that I will continue to call out to Him as I’m confident He will answer me.  And I’m thinking back and hoping I didn’t leave one of my friends hanging by not answering them….!?!?   Stay in His wakes!




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