Good day 14 years ago….

19 07 2010

14 years ago on this day, my bride and I stood as one in front of God, our family, and our friends.  We were probably young by today’s marital standards.  More than anything, my bride has blossomed into a wonderfully Godly woman.  She challenges my existence and direction as a leader of our family and has made me better in so many ways.  She cares daily for our four children while trying to stay strong and awake carrying another.  I was immature spiritually at the time and am still so in many ways but His plan for us to be together can’t be denied.  To her on this blessed day I continue to give my unconditional love and will do so always.  Other than her beauty on that day and every day, I think back to those relationships that are even stronger today – my brother as my best man (couldn’t have been a better choice!), my good friend who did the scripture reading (but a puppy in his ministry but now a mature and excellent speaker working in the Bahamas), and my brother-in-law delivering the key message.  There are certainly others that played key roles and provided support on this day – especially both our families – and there are others in which our relationships have drifted apart for whatever reason.  To my bride – look forward to dinner just the two of us later!  Stay in His wakes!




One response

29 07 2010
Bryn MacPhail

Hey Dunc–thanks for the ‘shout out’! Enjoying your blog–keep up the good work!

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