In remembrance……

21 07 2010

Canadian soldier Sapper Brian Collier lost his life serving our country this week.  24 years of age.  And I worry and stress about what I’m not getting done around our new home.  Pathetic really.  As I’ve mentioned in at least one prior post, I won’t be arguing whether Canada should or shouldn’t be serving in some of the places around the world that our military is stationed.  All I know is that a young soldier, by all accounts a committed one to his job and service, the child of parents that surely mourn his death, is no longer on this earth.  I pray that he knows his maker and was saved by faith to be in a better place with Him.  Don Cherry sheds a tear almost always on Hockey Night in Canada in remembrance and has a real soft heart for our soldiers – I’m no different in this regard.  Thank you to those who served for my freedom and do so today.  Stay in His wakes!




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