Big Boss on the run……

27 07 2010


When referenced as someone’s “boss” it has always made me uncomfortable.  It’s as if  I would be somehow better than that staff member.  Those that have worked with me for years usually know not to call me by “boss” and I’m thankful they respect my wish not to be called so.  With our move to a new location, though,  we inherited a “boss” much different.  Enter “The Big Boss” – unbeknownst to me until this past weekend, a vehicle that lives up to the name.  One of the small reasons we moved to a house on more property was so that I could pass on some different life skills to my children – in this case probably the boys rather than the girls.  I’m pretty much mechanically inept in most ways but I’m an enthusiastic pupil.  So this past weekend my brother-in-law paid a visit and with his wealth of knowledge and experience we started going through the in’s and out’s of our newly acquired dirt bike inventory and “The Big Boss”.  We greased zet nipples, changed 2-strike oil, changed tire pressure, made sure the vehicle’s were loaded with new gas, etc., etc.  I’m an individual that doesn’t like not knowing what to do with things around me and under his guidance I’m light years ahead of what I knew and was comfortable with before his visit.  For that I’m truly thankful.  But at some point, before I knew it, my bro-in-law was off with “The Big Boss” (it’s just like pictured above) and testing it to unknown limits.  About 20 minutes later he returns, says to me “get on, you have to see what this thing can do”.  So he moved into the dumper (he’s no small chap) and I drove……………we concurred my forest!  This machine is like a mini Hummer – I had no idea.  It’s a reminder that the power of God reaches further than we can imagine.  He’s my “Big Boss” and I have to trust Him like I would trust the capabilities of a 6-wheel work horse of an ATV.  I need to teach my children not only to trust me in life but also to trust God in everything we endeavour to accomplish.  Stay in His wakes!




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