Only thing to do is trust Him…….

29 07 2010

So I’m reading in the news today about a former Toronto immigration judge and city councilor who was sentenced to 18 months in jail for pressuring a refugee into having sex with him for a favourable decision – 18 months, that’s it?  Not all that much more of a sentence than some celebrities get for skipping addiction sessions.  On Challies blog he links to Shi’ite Islam’s set up of places for “temporary marriage” in Iran……in short, so this crazy sect of men can temporarily marry a woman from ages 12 and up (no, that’s not a misprint) and preferably take their virginity while getting “divorced” 5 hours to days later….just another brothel to exploit women in simple terms.  This is a crazy world we live in and one can often wonder where God is at times.  But He is there and we must trust Him and repent of our sins.  But like many I find it tough to understand at times.  When I read news like this boy does my life ever look more fabulous by the second.  Can’t wait to spend time with my pregnant love and our children during summer vacation…..can’t wait to unwind a bit!  Stay in His wakes!




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