Worst message ever……for now!

7 08 2010

So the attached message is awesome, scary, disheartening, and comical……unfortunately.  I’m actually sitting up north on our summer vacation and we added internet access recently so I felt like a blog.  This was actually posted on www.challies.com so sorry for “stealing” it in advance.  What I can’t understand is that this very popular “speaker” has all the facts wrong on pork.  His message isn’t scriptural (not that I’m an expert) nor factual.  Ten’s of thousands of people are listening to this garbage and no one is walking out in what is astonishing to this pork, meat, and food lover.  With a personal motto of “eat more meat” given that is the business I’m in…..and I happen to love just about all meat…….and a follower of Christ himself, I’m so curious how this very popular individual isn’t made more accountable.  Elders of his church actually subscribe to this verbal diarrhea?  Followers of him actually believe this stuff.  Weird!  As a result my wife and I felt it appropriate to sit down at dinner with a BLT – loaded with B!  Mmmm….Mmmmm…..good!  And even better, I still feel connected to my saviour, Christ.  Stay in His wakes!




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