Drawing money from your company is tricky business……..

20 08 2010

Attached is the last of a 3 part series from Report on Business on-line.  My brother and I hope it captured a bit of our upbringing and 3rd generation succession plan/result, not to mention some of what our father has worked so hard to protect.  This segment is on the almighty $$.  There is no doubt our family has been blessed.  I’m trying to balance life in this regard fully realizing it’s not mine, but His.  At times I feel I’m not honouring Him with projects we might take on at home with our personal funds or the car I might choose to drive.  Decisions at work are more tangible – we spend money to be better at what we do, replace aging equipment, or celebrate the birth of the first child or significant anniversary of a staff member with a gift basket – in short, there is usually a purpose.  Not to say there isn’t a purpose at home, but does God care about some things we may choose to invest in or spend funds on………Heaven is our home so the answer is probably no.  I hate it when I’m right sometimes……Stay in His wakes!





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