27 08 2010

I treasure much in life, too much.  I like the finer things of this world at times – many times.  But the finest treasure from the Holy Spirit has been my wife and the children we share together.  The few times I travel during the year without her, I’m sleepless.  The times when we are apart and she is taking time up north with the kids cottaging without me, I am restless.  Sure, it’s nice every once in a while to have a night to oneself, but the romance of that quickly fades for me.  Presence of my family is key to my existence…..I feel lonely otherwise.  But as I think of this, I am reminded that loneliness is of this world for we should not be lonely in our pursuit of the Holy Spirit.  He is present always.  While this is the center of Christian faith – faith in His word, faith in His existence on this earth, faith in His crucifixion and resurrection, why is it that restlessness can still be present?  I pray that those that read this find they are not alone and have faith in the security of Christ, our Saviour.  Treasure the ones you love…….treasure the One who loves you!  Stay in His wakes!




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