Amazing God…..amazing guy…..

30 08 2010

If I fall, will I get up….can I get up?….don’t give up when I fall and am challenged.  When parenting is tough…try again…don’t quit.  When things don’t go as intended….let it go, battle on.  Nick Vujicic is questionably one of the most powerful speaking and relentless human beings I’ve loved learning more about.  If I’ve blogged about him in the past and am doing so again, I make no apologies.  I am just simply speechless when I watch what Nick is capable of with what God has given him.  It is simply that astounding.  Do I feel inferior?  Yes, in countless ways.  But God designed me as his child just as he did Nick.  It is up to me to glorify his name day in day out as Nick does when he speaks in his own skin.  I thank Nick for his example in life.  I don’t think anyone can’t appreciate him. Stay in His wakes!





One response

4 09 2010
allie macphail

Duncan, I am so thrilled you have shared this on your blog. This man is amazing and is obviously listening to and doing what God has planned for him. I will be sharing his videos as well, God has used him in my life.

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