Kate’s Carnival……

14 09 2010

This past weekend our family was honoured to travel to Almont, Ontario (near Ottawa) for a getaway weekend.  We stayed one night in downtown Ottawa, where we visited the War Museum (a truly humbling and overwhelming visit in which we really couldn’t take the time I required to soak in Canada’s military history given we had the kids with us – but they were “troopers”!) and walked the grounds of the Parliament buildings (Mom missing in pic as she’s taking it) given by the time we arrived there, everything was closed up.  Certainly majestic historic buildings that I couldn’t help but think cost Canada’s tax payers an absolute fortune in upkeep!  But the highlight of the weekend was “Kate’s Carnival”.  Kate is the almost 7 year old daughter of a friend of mine that I grew up with in Etobicoke.  Kate’s story, praise the Lord, is one of celebration.  On March 23rd, 2008 she was diagnosed with acute leukemia and started aggressive treatment almost immediately, throwing the life of my good friend, his wife, and their family upside down in a matter of moments.  A four and a half year old should not have to endure such an experience.  Today, she is all clear and I consider her battle a true testament to the miracle of prayer and the support she got from so many in her life – ourselves but just a tiny part of that support we hope in these past two years or more.  I have wept for my friend, his wife, and their daughter.  We have prayed as a family and dedicated family devotion and prayer time to her alone.  I fasted for her, in this small way hoping Christ would answer our call for her health and safety.  She pulled through a 5 day stint in ICU in the summer of ’09 in which we can only imagine the fear her family endured walking into a room so full of medical equipment it brought a father literally to his knees experiencing it.  This past weekend was “Kate’s Carnival” – the hard work of their supportive friends put into a fun day to celebrate.  My daughter and Kate had never officially met, but as the day wound down and we spent a few more hours with our families together, they enjoyed a sleepover side by side.  I wept looking at them sleeping – they appeared to enjoy a special “new friend” bond that only children seem to have mastered in this world.  We were simply honoured to be present to celebrate Kate’s life.  The kids had a fabulous time (note brother Sumo wrestling!) and didn’t want to leave.  My friend and his wife directly thanked us in front of a couple of hundred people which threw us into emotional overload.  You see, although we often forget our past relationships and friendships, this one from my past has a special intimacy I guess for me.  Our daughter is of similar age and I simply can’t imagine going through something like this with her.  As best I can put, I related in this relationship.  Our children are just so precious – often we forget how precious in our daily lives.  What a weekend to remember – God is indeed so good!  Stay in His wakes!




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