Homeschooling bliss……

16 09 2010

My wife has been the champion of our homeschooling adventures.  As she will attest, this stuff isn’t easy.  There are tough times, frustrating learning curves, kids that just don’t listen, and last but definitely not least, loneliness for the teacher.  She isn’t indeed on her own physically with kids around continually, but homeschooling can be a lonely existence as a wife and mother.  My wife doesn’t take time in the morning for a long hot shower, or run out to get her nails done, or get to go to the gym for a couple of hours – it’s not her world and although she might begrudge it at times, knows that these tough years at home are best decisions we have made as a family unit for our children.  As someone recently said to us, “parents know best”!  I wish that were true 100% of the time.  Homeschooling in our family also means many “field” trips as my wife, although the champ at homeschooling, sometimes just needs to get away from home.  These trips usually have pictures attached.  The smiles are what brightens my day when they are sent to me.  I get to be but a small part of her huge world of educating and bringing up our kids at home – we are blessed to be able to do this.  Last night we finally got back to church!  GraceKids for our children – blessed by different teachers than Mom in this case, and corporate prayer for the adults – a gift from God I never realized how much I needed in my church past – connected is the word I can use today to best describe Wednesday nights at our church.  We were reminded last night of the importance of ministry right under our own roof – whether the roof at church and those that need each other in that community or the roof at home.  Perfect places to continue to get close to Christ.  Stay in His wakes!




2 responses

17 09 2010

Duncan. You are awesome. Thank you! Can I keep this? Charmaine

23 09 2010

Hey Uncle Duncan!

I loved this post! I’ve been reading your blog all the time. Mom also saw this post and she also loves it.

till next time,


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