Just like that……

23 09 2010

…..one can reassess life.  I am reflective today after a sporadic sleep.  A co-worker’s wife suffered a brain aneurism yesterday and was air-lifted to Toronto Western hospital for intervention.  After surgery this morning she will lay still for the next four days in the ICU and her husband will certainly be restless.  It presents an opportunity to witness to an individual that to my knowledge does not know Christ.  He certainly seeks prayer and this was an opportunity to cradle this family in fervent prayer through those followers I know will look to Him.  His wife is just 40 – about my age – but I’m fending that “40” off for now!  Life can change in an instant.  I am reminded today in this time that I am not in control but Christ is.  His word lays out the foundation for us to follow Him, better yet, trust Him with EVERYTHING.  I find this so difficult most times.  I also delight as a repentant sinner that He died for my sins on earth and rose again.  Only He has the power to do as he wishes and plan for each second of our life – this a true reminder of His grace and mercy during good times and bad.  To this co-worker of mine – I pray to lift he and his wife up to the Lord, that they would both see His face and know of His grace personally and with a repentant heart.  I pray as she lays in recovery that peace surround her and comfort find her ways.  I keep telling myself……I’m not in control…….I’m not in control…….Stay in His wakes!




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