28 09 2010

My beloved wife picked up an excellent keepsake for our boys recently.  It is a simple pocket watch in a shield shape that came with a nice case with Psalm 119:9 inscribed on it – “How can a young man keep his way pure.  By guarding it according to your word”.  We presented the boys these gifts last night – no crazy fanfare – just a moment with Mom and Dad to talk about what purity means to us as a family.  Our hope being that when they have this pocket watch in their possession they will be reminded to stay pure and that they guard that with all their might and the might that Christ has for them both.  I wish I was a stronger young man/boy growing up.  For whatever reason I wasn’t much of a leader or have the self-confidence to know that I needed to remain pure – be that through my actions, words, or sinful heart.  It’s a rough and tumble world out there at times for a boy growing up dodging and weaving through things to find his way.  As a parent I am more aware of that than ever and understand more than ever what, perhaps, my parents went through raising two boys.  My wife and I are amazed at scripture that is often revealed to us in a variety of ways – this particular moment in time no different from many in our amazement – Psalm 119:9 – His words.  Stay in His wakes!




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