30 09 2010

For many, church has become something of which I don’t believe God designed His bride to be.  Recently our pastor spoke words I have spoken in the past in reference about being a solid Christian (or not!)…..”you know, I’m no theologian”….or “I’m not much of an avid reader” in a challenging message I took to heart.  No, I don’t think I’m much of a theologian but I am trying to grow in my Christian walk and I fail continually and I’ve never been much of a reader BUT I definitely am reading more now than I did for many years.  I went away from my point of this post…….our church is solid.  It’s not a solid building…..or sanctuary…..or have a solid youth group program, for example.  We meet in a school, worship in the school gym that is set up and taken down each week, and so on.  Our church is solid because it’s elders dig deep into His Word, speak the truth at every moment from the “pulpit”, and it’s a community of people in which calling one another “brother” and “sister” really means something.  I didn’t use those words until walking through the doors of our church.  Our church has been praying for a building for free for years….that will seem ridiculous to many who want  the “show” when it comes to belonging to a church.  Let’s be honest though, no where in Scripture does it say His bride MUST be 10,000 in numbers, or have a beautiful oak carved pulpit to preach from, or have programs with tag lines “the church for those that don’t like church”.  My wife and I are simply thrilled to be connected to brothers and sisters who know the gospel, talk about it weekly when they are together, and connect even if they might not have the same things or hobbies in common.  To me, that’s refreshing.  The truth, corporate purposeful prayer, love, giving teachers to our children, a church that isn’t about the building or the fancy things in it, and Christ at the centre of it all……hmmmm, it’s taken me personally a while, but these are things I believe He has called us to in faith……in church.  Thanks!!  Stay in His wakes!

P.S. I’m not suggesting a sanctuary/church like the one in the picture is wrong, but I am suggesting for some, it’s become more important than what those that gather to worship in His name should focus on.




2 responses

1 10 2010
Indiana Jones

Excellent points all around…this was a blessing…

1 10 2010
Indiana Jones

…and I meant to add that a church like you describe, in this day and age, is a rarity. May it not be so for much longer!

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