Friendship with benefits…….

1 10 2010

Well, the title doesn’t sound quite right, frankly, but I’ve got this pretty cool friend of mine that just finished spending 2 years in Sudan with an organization called Medair.  This is a business relationship, turned friendship, and I like to think even mentorship in some regards but he may disagree!  Paul used to work for our family business and experienced true growth in his time with us on many fronts.  We’ve enjoyed many good times in business and friendship – it was a sad day for me to see him leave the business but move on to things I knew were on his heart.  Upon his contract with Medair ending recently he commented, “you know, I just need some man work”.  I replied, “have I got the place for you”.  With little free time on my hands and settling in to a new home with acreage, I found myself overwhelmed with what I wanted to accomplish……more than a few cut up sleeps with projects on my mind.  But enter the “benefits” part of this friendship as Paul is hard at work doing things that I simply wouldn’t have gotten to in such a short period of time – chopping wood, cleaning up piles of wood left behind (with no reason that I can attach to them being so big), bustin’ tile, stripping wallpaper, insulating cubby holes……and me, now sleeping pretty good at night.  He also cut wicked dirt bike paths for the boys which I was somewhat jealous, but thankful, he accomplished.  I just wanted to do it myself but it is safe to say it wouldn’t have been done to date.  The kids LOVE having him around.  This particular friend of mine, most importantly, knows the gospel, reads the Word……he’s a brother from another mother, but we share the same Father!   I’m truly thankful for his presence these days and I believe he’s enjoying his time just the same.  Ladies, yes, he’s single, apply within!  Stay in His wakes!




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