I must be naive……

7 10 2010

You know, I’ve heard rumours of the sin that surrounds sports, in particular Olympic events, but this article disheartened me.  Our government, and us as tax payers in Canada participate, whether we like it or not, in supporting our athletes at the likes of the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.  We often tend to idolize their achievements, especially when medals are involved.  I love watching these events and cheering athletes on frankly.  But to hear that 100,000’s of contraceptives are freely handed out at such events to athletes we support in such massive quantities speaks to the sin in this world – I certainly am naive in that it has been going on for years.  I fear in reading this I won’t look at such sporting events the same way as I once did.  From the unfortunate exploits of Tiger Woods to drains getting clogged with contraceptives……and I thought sports was “for the love of the game”.  Hopefully I won’t paint all individuals in sports with the same brush but it sure makes me second guess myself in so many ways.  Sex and money sure seems to have engulfed the human race when it comes to sports.  Well, my sins are no better or worse than the sins of anyone – sin is sin.  Stay in His Wakes!


P.S.  As we all tend to be visual as I often do I went to Google Images, typed in “Olympic pictures” – this image was in the first twenty…..speaks to my naivety I guess!?




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