Tough business decisions……

19 10 2010

So in my endeavour to post a bit relative to the sub-title of my blog – I thought I would venture my thoughts into the business world today.  Recently our pastor challenged us in everyday life, are we glorifying and delighting in the Lord……this took my brain into a tailspin.  Somehow I don’t think when I’m cursing the cat at home having to clean the litter box I’m truly delighting in the Lord…..especially when my hard-earned $$’s go towards cat litter she decides she doesn’t like, so won’t pee in it, but rather finds the tile floor more to her liking!  Tough business decisions are another arena I find it difficult to glorify God in, especially when someone’s life as they know it will ultimately change with such a decision.  But, although it takes a while in some cases, being the caretaker/steward/leader of a business comes with hard territory at times – especially when one is committed to getting the right people on the bus day-in, day-out.  The saying goes, “do unto other’s as you would have them do unto you” is a simple way to glorify His name, even when the hardest of decisions need to be executed.  One should be able to keep their head held high with this at the forefront.  Currently, our leadership group is training in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers.  Habit One – be proactive!  Habit Two – begin with the end in mind!  So far I’m all on board as this falls into the definition of a man as I’ve come to know it – reject passivity (be proactive), and expect the greater reward, God’s reward (begin with the end in mind) – I like how these biblical aspects of a man fit so far with the Habits in the training.  I dare say, finally some training I seem to be grasping in vision, decision-making, resourcefulness, initiative, etc.  Stay in His Wakes!




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