Corporate worship……

8 11 2010

Last night at Grace Fellowship Church ( our pastor lead us in discussion of corporate worship.  How is it defined?  Can a non-believer be in worship with the Lord?  Who qualifies?  Where can it take place?  I learned a great deal as I sat fighting off a slight fever after hours at the rink with my boys.  I just thought I couldn’t get warm……a good night sleep seems to have fought off most of the feeling.  I was reminded of times I’ve often said about a church, “yeah, the worship was great this week!” – and how utterly ridiculous a statement that is.  He is our Creator and, again, last night I was reminded that we are on this earth made in His image and should be living simply to glorify Him – that is our purpose!  Some I dialogue with in life think that is ridiculous – “God’s purpose for me is to glorify Him…..that’s boring!”  I truly feel sorry for those that believe there is more to life than this – don’t get me wrong, I’m imperfect in so many ways – flawed by my own sin.  There is certainly nothing boring about Him – I’m thankful for the message(s) of this past Sunday evening reminding me of so much when it comes to truly worshipping.  Stay in His wakes!




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