Agony of defeat…….

29 11 2010

Ever feel defeated?  I often do… business, in life, in competition, in marriage, as a parent, and as a follower of Christ.  Most often, many, including me, identify the “agony of defeat” with sports in general.  This past weekend I travelled with my eldest son to Pittsburgh for a hockey tournament.  These are often good opportunities with my son(s) for moments in life.  But I came back defeated (sure, his team lost in the semi-finals which had a great positive as it got me home 7:00 pm on Sunday rather than past midnight should they have made the finals) in a variety of ways.  Defeated that I lost time with my wife and other children, defeated that we hadn’t done enough as father/son on the trip in terms of meaningfulness – although we did venture into the realm of adolescent changes and dialogue about the “big deal” (as Dr.Dobson refers to it) of sex – defeated that we, yet again, put hockey in front of faith, and defeated in my own strength for Christian survival.  What I mean by this is that these trips don’t often “feed” me the way I wish to be fed.  I miss out on Christian fellowship with my church community and that is critical in my diet of life.  Defeated for the moment……yes!  Looking for meaningful lessons at times like these……yes!   Hopefully a few of you as followers can relate.  Stay in His wakes!




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