That’s a lot of deer!

17 12 2010

We have been “in the hills” now for approximately 6 months.  Many adventures, lots to learn, and way more of the outdoor life than we were used to as “city folk”.  We are now dealing with a hibernating racoon (there is another word for it I believe) sort of in the crawl space (I’m pleased I didn’t come across it!) and more recently we were “complaining” about not seeing any blasted wildlife – and we have the surroundings for it!  So this morning while visiting with a friend and my lovely wife and caught up in our own conversation I turned my head, looked out the window and 5 deer, all in a  group, were munching on the snowy ground.  We looked in amazement.  We then noticed another down the creek a bit, then 2 more close by that one, and another just up the hill.  We kept our eyes on 9 deer!  That certainly makes up for their absence in our time at our new home. This picture isn’t actually from our place but my wife did get her new camera out and hopefully managed to capture some of what we saw.  Patience is a tough thing in life sometimes and I’m one of impatience often – sometimes for good reason, I suppose, other times…..not so much.  I am learning to wait on the Lord more often and trust in His timing.  Both my wife and I are SOOOOO anxious for the birth or our fifth (due date today) – her 100 times than I given she’s the one carrying it! – God has a plan for each one of us.  I’m recalling so many moments of our children coming into this world and those were blessed moments handcrafted by the genius of the universe.  Be patient, my son, He says, be patient.  May you be patient in your every endeavours as well.  Stay in His wakes!




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