O come, O come, Emmanuel……

23 12 2010


As I sit at work, a place I didn’t even think I would be at today (reason below), I’m reflective of the birth of Christ.  Even though we have a corporate message at work of “please, no gifts”, the chocolates, and cakes, and gifts still come, although certainly in much lesser volume than we used to see years ago.  The odd email comes through with “the reason for the season is Jesus”….usually from someone who, frankly, I pray would have more of a meaningful relationship with Christ…..but at least they are acknowledging Jesus!  Smiles abound, hand shakes and hugs are given, and the “season” most often brings joy to most people it seems.  Perhaps it is a distraction from the regular things of life.  I could write the regular stuff on what the world has accomplished during this time of gift giving, mistletoe, and “lovely” sweaters worn at party’s, but I would be repeating the obvious.  The reason I wasn’t expecting to be here was that I thought I would be home holding, Lord willing, our fifth child in our “manger”.  But my wife’s due date came and went, another date of possible induction came and went, and now we wait patiently on His plan for the birth of this child.  All is well with the baby’s heartbeat and it’s mother that is tired, sore, and sleepless during the night.  As a family we have things around us that remind us that we have little to complain about.  I’m reminded these days that I’m not doing enough to acknowledge the wonder of the virgin birth of our Lord and what He suffered on my behalf.  I’m caught up in the joy of gift giving, which I truly enjoy and always have.  I’m reminded that these earthly things are irrelevant and will not come with me.  I’m crazy about my wife and proud of her steadfast strength when disappointment of changed plans looms, it seems, with each day.  My next post will hopefully include news of a birth in our family but the birth of Christ and the joy it should give us must stand front and center.  To each of you that might read my thoughts and posts, I sincerely wish blessings upon you.  Stay in His wakes!




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