2 weeks and an hour ago today…..

11 01 2011

……..we welcomed our 5th child, a baby girl, into this world.  A beautiful and healthy blessing from God, weighing in at the peanut weight (at least for our family!) of 6 lbs., 15 1/2 oz.’s, with all 10 fingers, and 10 toes.  I took two weeks off over Christmas to adjust to life with a new-born and I am so thankful for this time off.  My wife is my hero for the fifth time, this time, for some reason, even more.  The attached picture tells our story, some of which only we, our family, and our dearest friends will know.  Our God is faithful, bountiful, and has a plan for this wee child that only He knows and that we trust to His care.  Last Sunday we made our first visit to church with our pastor speaking on weeping (many at our church are moving on to a church plant in the east end of Toronto) and I related so much.  I’ve wept in joy at the birth of each of our children – quite uncontrollably at times – I wept in the car ride home leaving the hospital to get some shut-eye before returning the next day.  I wept after our pastor and an elder visited and prayed over us in the hospital.  I wept calling each of our parents with this news.  I wept a lot.  I would hold this gift in my arms while her mother slept, and privately wept at her strength in delivering this child – so hero worthy I fall more and more in love with her by the day as I reflect.  Those tears were all tears of joy and blessing as I draw closer to the unexplainable power of Christ alone.  Additionally this post needs to be a thankyou to all of those around us in community.  We didn’t cook a dinner in those two weeks I was off (pants tighter as a result, mind you!) – a testament to our family and friends support for us.  This too, was overwhelming, and truly a gift from God.  Thank you to each of you who may read this!  I look forward to posting more incredible pictures my wife has taken as her hobby.  To her alone, my hero, my wife, the one in this world I love the most, you are truly amazing – words cannot describe…….you Stayed in His Wakes!




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