24 01 2011

…….so since my journal is that of a businessman as well, I thought I would submit my post today on the “bluesky” approach to Strategic Planning our company does one per year, always in January.  We head up away from the city as a management group, review all our core documents, debate them often, and then spend most of Saturday putting into place key objectives for the coming year.  It’s a process we can look back on as family business owners that has played a key role in our success for many years.  We often try to incorporate a “business” related read – usually on the topic of leadership – and this year we read “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencione – it was a reminder of the inner workings of our Strategic Planning meetings, especially the needed reality of accountability.  I can’t help but relate the “bluesky” or dreaming element of what 12 different individuals see for the coming years in our business back to the “bluesky” of Christ Himself and His dreams and plan for me as His child, and our business with which my brother and I attempt to shepherd.  I quickly searched “dreaming” on my ESV Bible iphone app (yes, the meathead is going global!) and Isaiah 56:10 came up referencing Israel’s Irresponsible Leaders….”His watchmen are blind: they are all without knowledge; they are all silent dogs; they cannot bark, dreaming, lying down, loving to slumber.”  I haven’t spent significant time in this chapter but it was a reminder, whether in business, family, friendship, community….whatever….not to lay down nor slumber.  In business, what gets measured, usually gets addressed.  In my faith, if I don’t get measured or be accountable, how can my misgivings be addressed.  If you’re reading this and in your job, at home with your family, whatever your day intails…..dream the dream, seek it, measure it, stay accountable to someone or your ideas/dreams, and Stay in His wakes!




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25 01 2011

Thank you for an encouraging, and building note!

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