4 02 2011

As I reflect on this week, I think of how I’ve glorified God and what I did to be closer to Him.  The last couple of days have been tougher for a variety of reasons I actually don’t feel like journaling about but it is a reminder of what we deal with daily is often irrelevant to what we should deal with “bigger picture” with God at the center.  Recently, I searched “honour”, “wife”, and reflected on Psalm 103 which someone had mentioned in a church update.  I felt the need to look back on it.  This was a reminder that when I am “thinking” it is critical to search His word for direction and look to His peace in my life to be on the right path.  We truly can’t take things into our own hands when the greatest power of all is the might of His strength and I forget that at times.  At this point in time I’m thinking of “zingers” – you know those clear signs that we get in life that can either disappoint us or lift us up.  How many “zingers” have you received this week?  I’ve had a bunch – not all of them what I needed or wanted.  Stay in His wakes!




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