The Lombardi effect…..

11 02 2011

I’m certainly no huge football fan by any stretch but recently a co-worker sent me the link below to the “feel good” site of Simple Truths.  There’s certainly way worse material out there to spend three minutes watching so if you are looking for a good lift to your day, watch the clip.  What encourages me is that, by his look and stature, Mr. Lombardi was no striking figure of a man, yet his success as a leader is second to none in many respects.  I wonder if he himself was saved and lead by a greater power in Christ?  I need to research the man more, I suppose.  What I like about some of the quotes are, “character is shaped by everyday choices”…..”each week brings a new challenge”……”all the money….lingers……”, “give it everything….”, “love, loyalty, perfectly disciplined will” – these are words to shape one’s life around and take with me as I journey with Him at the wheel.  His words lift me up just as they did the players whom he lead – the Vince Lombardi Trophy a testament to his will, choices, leadership, mental toughness, passion, habits, and success.  Many have made Vince Lombardi, the Superbowl, and football (amongst other things) their idols………..I’m choosing to Stay in His wakes!




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