Happy Valentine’s Day…..at least for me……

14 02 2011

I consider myself blessed in a Christ-centered marriage.  Certainly we have our struggles…..no one I know ever says “marriage is easy”……and we attempt to work through our parenting issues and times of struggle together as a result of our commitment to one another.  But wow, on Valentine’s Day (certainly another worldly day for us to recognize and remind me of my love for my wife) I am saddened by the complete opposite of “love” I came across in the media.  See the Toronto Star for Saturday’s article entitled “A busy day for Cupid’s cops” – basically an article on hired private detectives and how busy they are today watching clients spouses cheat on their wives or husbands.  Thanks to www.challies.com the below article on infidelity is even more disheartening as he mentions “…adultery industry….yes, there actually is one!”  The business mentioned is Toronto based AshleyMadison.  Have a read if you like……very disheartening.  Recently I was having a conversation with the guy who cuts my hair (successful small business owner himself) and he was mentioning his “single” clientele (men) and their infidelity and dating stories (I guess one needs to have a good listening ear as a hair dresser!) – these were thirtysomething year old men snapping inappropriate pictures on their hand-held devices of their dating exploits with women who didn’t seem to think twice about such a dating memory.  I commented, “clearly I live a sheltered existence”……praise the Lord!   In the below article the owner’s screen saver is quoted as “Life is short, have an affair” and the best part is his own spouse saying, “Really, the business itself doesn’t match who he is as a person — it’s not our lifestyle or value system or any of that.” – are you kidding me!?  I am continually amazed how married individuals believe it is OK to have an opposite-sex relationship of any kind, even if it doesn’t involve sex.  But again, I live a sheltered existence I suppose, and the fact that AshleyMadison lists profits of $20 million on $60 million revenue is a clear sign that the world in which we live is just plain wacked…..with the enemy with a firm grip no doubt.  I sure wish our business turned such a profit – but not on the backs of individuals allowing it to “…own that cheater’s market” as this business does!

Today I am extremely thankful for my beloved wife and best friend in life and I’ll continue to Stay in His wakes when it comes to her!  (sorry I have to spend the evening at the rink….again!)





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