10 years old….crazy!

28 02 2011


I got this picture from my wife’s blog.  Today is our little man’s 10th birthday…double digits…..freedom….well, not quite!  He is but a boy becoming a man before our eyes.  The years are flying by.  I love tickling my giant 10-year-old and I can’t wait to celebrate with him this week on an overnight.  We will hopefully watch the Leafs lose another in their dismal attempt to miss the playoffs AGAIN, but more importantly, it is this time with one another that I need to relish and enjoy as one day he won’t be 10 anymore.  My prayer is that he has a heart for Christ as he grows, that he realizes his potential, and does things that glorify His name and that of his family’s namesake.  Big goals for our youngest man in the house.  Today buddy – I think back on your birth – your name is filled with character and strength of my grandfathers – we are blessed to have you!  Son, Stay in His wakes!  Love Dad.




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