Love of the Irish…….

18 03 2011

I suppose everyone is proud of their heritage.  I am no exception.  St.Patrick’s Day has always held a special place in my heart – in my university days it was a good excuse to get out and stay out late – but more importantly it brings back memories of my heritage.  Johnnie Walker was his name and he was born in Belfast Ireland – my mother’s father.  My boy’s each bear part of his name in theirs.  My Nana was everything green on St. Patrick’s Day – it was a big deal, March 17th, of each year.  One day after this years festivities, which in my case was dinner out with my family and then taking the boys to watch their nephew in the final series of his hockey season, I reminisce about my Irish heritage and look forward to one day going to the country in which my grandfather came to earth in.  May he be looking down on us with pride!  Here’s a video of “Christ alone” in which the Irish accent of Kristyn Getty makes it even more appropriate to include.  Enjoy.  Stay in His wakes!




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