How sharp is your sword?…..

4 04 2011

…..very cool picture I thought  – sword….water…..Isaiah 4:32……PERFECT!  As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron……….I have many in my life that sharpen my sword, that keep me accountable in the ways to move forward in the world rather than of the world.  I find this a tough balancing act at the best of times but what I learn more and more each day is that community is a necessary need of mine as a Christian man and follower of His ways.  Without it, I can remain dull in nature.  Without the encouragement of my wife, I can slip away and have much rust to work out.  At Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, as members we belong to a TAG (Truth Application Group) and part of our Sunday evening gathering is that someone in the group is centred out by the rest of group providing “evidences of grace” in that individual’s life.  This is a tremendously encouraging time – whether I am sharing something I’ve noticed in others in the group, that frankly, in most cases I am just getting to know……or likewise the evidences of grace in my life, just the same, that they may not know much of.  Last night I was on the “hot seat” and found it tremendously uncomfortable as those in the group shared evidences of grace they see in my life.  I simply have so many imperfections, so much sin, that I wondered what others might notice of me.  In short….what an encouragement to me in my life.  I am grateful to have so many in my life that continue to sharpen my sword.  I encourage you if you are reading this – tell a friend or family member what they mean to you if you think of it – it will sharpen their sword!  I need to listen to that encouragement myself.  Stay in His wakes!




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