Curve balls and gifts……

27 04 2011

I can’t help but ponder what we think is a curve ball thrown at us in life is part of God’s plan for us each and every day.  I recently posted about hockey tryouts and in the end what is a trivial activity in the life of our kids, but an important one to them nonetheless.  With our move this past year, our hockey life changed, and as it ends up, provided a heart wrenching curve ball in the life of our eldest and myself.  We hit hockey politics head on in the new hockey centre with which we reside.  Long story short, a good talented hockey player was cut from a level above what he has played these past number of years and subsequently was cut from the next level down from that – a level of hockey he belongs in and deserves……….but God has other plans for us.  Frankly, as a hockey dad, I’m still mourning for my son – my heart twisting for him with anger at the process and disbelief in the “system”.  Letters have gone out to association presidents and the provincial hockey authority simply seeking answers – part of the process as a loving and caring dad, I suppose, but words that will probably be taken otherwise by those who receive them.  In the end we’re supposed to learn something in all this………..but sometimes the heart and mind don’t want to learn……..pride takes over.  So, I pray for patience and wisdom as we move forward.  At the end of the day, we as parents, want to keep the hearts of our kids (Christ aside) for as long as we can and perhaps this is part of His plan to foster this in the days and years ahead.  On a more positive note, my wife has recently been focusing her homeschooling days with 1,000 gifts in mind (Ann Voskamp – google her) and each day I email my family about five gifts they provide me in life with the intention of getting up to 1,000 messages of gifts – it adds an excellent element to the beginning of my days and theirs to.  I’m thankful for so many gifts surrounding me.  Stay in His wakes!




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