19 05 2011


In the early days of this May, 2011, the last known combat veteran of World War I died at a nursing home in Perth, Australia.  Claude Stanley Choules was 110 years old.  He was a beloved man, British-born, who had a many achievements over his 41 year military career.  He daughter of 84 years of age told the Associated Press “we all loved him”.  Isn’t that inherently what we all wish for from our children, family, friends, and acquaintances…..”they all love me”.  I know that’s what I hope for.  I’m reminded today that I am blessed to be able to get up each morning, walk to the kitchen for breakfast, hug my wife and kids, and go to a job I enjoy each work day.  Look hard at the picture above – although blind, I see peace in this mans face.  “Well done my child” is my hope for this man and my hope is that he meets his maker, Christ himself in heaven.  Claude Choules death is a reminder to me that my freedom in Canada is because of the sacrifices of men such as he.  Only Christ alone knows the plan he had for the pain and suffering of world war(s) and destruction even of our time now.  I couldn’t help but post about Claude’s passing – I believe service as his is significant to the things that have shaped me in life………..as I continue to Stay in His wakes!




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