Fellowship in bunches……..

14 06 2011

Fellowship comes into my life in a variety of ways and often in bunches I find.  Whether it be meeting someone new in life, or iron sharpening iron with fellow brothers in Christ, or splendid time with family and close friends.  For this journal entry purposes I don’t confuse intimacy (that’s a little more personal) with fellowship!  Our family has been purposeful about trying to be a lighthouse in our immediate neighbourhood over the last number of years with my wife the champion of these endeavours – challenging us to get out of our comfort zone.  This past weekend was certainly eventful and unexpected.  Eldest son of ours was diligently at my side as we tackled a felled Ash tree (a North America disaster as the Emerald Ash Borer decimates the Ash tree population) – chainsaw in hand we had some wedging and “artwork” to do in order to get this somewhat large Ash tree to the ground as it was caught up in another tree.  Upon “tiiiimberrr” – I turned around and there was a stranger behind me – as it turns out, he is one of our neighbours across the road (horse farm) in which the gate is always closed so we weren’t sure whether to enter or not – he introduced himself and us likewise, small talk ensued, and then we learned that his profession in training is to be a “horse logger” – very interesting – well, he’s breaking in his five Belgian horses for this unique trade, heard our chainsaw a hummin’, and thought it was a nice training opportunity and asked if he could help.  We said “of course”.  We went off to gather the family (the girls love the idea of horses) and our new-found neighbour showed up with his young, two-year old Belgian mare, “Tyson” (the smallest of his five horses!).  Tyson pulled his first ever logs as we stood back in amazement of the horse and owner on our property – unexpected fellowship indeed – pretty awesome sight.

Tyson’s first pull…..

This would be his smallest Belgian…..

As I was reminded last night with a couple of “youngsters” as our guests for dinner from our church, I value both new-found meetings (like above) AND time with men that really care about the spiritual growth and well-being of one another as we travel through God’s time on this earth.  Thanking Him today for fellowship in a world that can be pretty lonely and isolating if one lets it be.  Stay in His wakes!




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