Who’s in the right…….

20 06 2011

As a Canadian, like many, I have a morning ritual……….hitting the local Tim Horton’s (usually Drive-Thru) for my daily medium steeped tea, two milk, two sweetener (which is a running invitation for family and friends to make fun of me for the way I order my beverage in this case).  My closest location is a busy gas stop with a Tim’s kiosk and drive-thru and it is the one I usually stop by in the morning on the way to work.  This location has somewhat of a unique “double lane” drive-thru in which most drivers just line up in the single lane (including myself) as once you enter the other lane it would be a complete “budding” scenario for those that are patiently waiting.  If someone really knew the protocol, they would start the double lane line, lining up beside the last car in line at the time of the line already started………….but there is always some chump (sorry, only word I can think of) that believes they are entitled in some way to cut their wait short and drive past the six to seven cars already in the one lane – and no offence, it is usually a female in a BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, or some other nice car.  So this morning, I was at the line where the two lanes would merge, there were a good 1/2 dozen cars behind me, and low and behold, a “chump” matching my prior description drives past them all and expects me to let them in right away.  When I don’t let her in, she berates me……..I didn’t roll down the window which was good as the spit and venom might have entered the passenger seat!  Then, of course, I feel guilty the whole way in to work asking myself, “WWJD” – who’s in the right, me, or her?  Well, I know what I think but that doesn’t make my sin necessarily good………it’s sin after all.  I don’t know, am I the only person that thinks this way at my local Tim’s?  Sorry to those that might read this that are female and own a brand of car I mentioned – I realize it’s not right to paint all with the same brush.  Stay in His wakes!




One response

20 06 2011


I had a similar experience today in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru (love the $1 iced-coffee deal!). Two lanes, one was waaay backed up and no one was in the other one. I couldn’t decide what to do (not knowing the protocol) so I just bailed. I just parked and went inside. I didn’t want to be rude… but I also didn’t want to wait behind all those people if I didn’t have to. 🙂

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